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Genuine Success

What is success? What determines whether you are successful or not? I am quite sure that success differs from one person to the other, it highly depends on your definition of "being successful". It even depends on your generation. Success may be in building a family, getting married and having children. Success may be in building a career and working in a multinational company. Success may be building your own empire and founding your own small company driving it to success. Success may come in all sizes!

And I am sure everyone reading this article right now is successful in couple of things in their lives. Whether you prefer a slow paced living or a quick paced living, at one point you will reach wherever you want to be. I personally prefer a quick paced life that is full of different activities and challenges. I can't handle a slow live where I am only working on one thing at a time. Others may see this crazy and insane, preferring to focus on one thing at a time. It is dependable!

Fear of Failure:

To be successful, I believe you need to stop fearing failure. Actually, nothing is called failures every mistake you make is a lesson and a step towards success. Beethoven lost his hearing and continued composing his music, he didn't count becoming deaf as a failure. Thomas Edison was told that he is stupid, even more he tried 6,000 times to invent the light bulb. However, he didn't count this as a failure, he believed that every time he discovered a wrong way that led him the right one at the end. Walt Disney was fired because he lacked imagination, can you imagine this?

Think out of the box:

To be successful, you should get out of your comfort zone. Routine negatively effects your ability to innovate. So, to reach new places you need to think outside of your box or view things with a different perspective. For me to think outside of the box, I either act as if I am a different person or I do try new things or meet new people. So, I can get a new inspiration. One more thing that I do all the time, is to go through the trial and error method.

Stop procrastinating:

Procrastinating is to do anything not important instead of focusing on the important things. This is a mind hack, that happens unconsciously to prevent you from working on the most important things that will lead you to success. Procrastinating is like an ostrich burring their head in the sand. Perfectionism may be the reason behind your procrastination. Even worse, this may be because your fear of success. To solve this you need to create a to-do list and stick to it. Another solution is to focus on the journey not the destination. You may practice visualization as a solution, despite all of your fears visualize your success to push you forward.

To be successful in anything you want to accomplish, try the above changes. Let me know if you have any other tips or tricks or hacks that may help as well.


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