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Food Security

Women are more likely to have food insecurity and this gender gap is getting even bigger due to the COVID pandemic, increased conflict, and climate changes. And this leads to a higher rate of Anemia. Moreover, 60% of the undernourished people lives in conflict areas. And the war in Ukraine is negatively affecting the situation, limiting the food supply and increasing the inflation which leads to the increase in the food prices increasing the hunger especially among women and children.

In Egypt and by 2030, the goal is to:

  1. End hunger ensuring the access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year long.

  2. End all forms of malnutrition addressing the nutritional needs of girls, pregnant and lactating women, and older persons.

  3. Double the agricultural productivity through a secured equal access to land and resources.

  4. Ensure sustainable food production implementing resilient agricultural practices, leading to an increase in productivity and production. This will maintain ecosystems, strengthen the capacity to adapt to climate change and other disasters.

  5. Maintain genetic diversity of seeds and cultivated plants.

  6. Increase investment through international cooperation in rural infrastructure, agricultural research, and technology development.

  7. Prevent the trade restrictions in world agricultural marketing, including the elimination of all forms agricultural export subsidies.

  8. Adopt measures to ensure the proper functioning of food commodity markets and their derivatives and facilitate timely access to market information including on food reserves to limit the extreme food price volatility.



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