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An Interview with CaroDoss

Today I have got the chance to interview the beautiful inside out Caro. She is a personal stylist & shopper, professional model, marketer, and Azza Fahmy brand ambassador. She says about herself that she always has something to fashion & putting outfits together that are both simple & different. In her twenties, she has learned that it is not about wearing what is trendy, however having your own style that never fades away.

Styling starts within you. It is art so you search for your essence, the colors that you admire, the patterns that you see in the world & make you wonder places. So, Caro offers different services to everybody like wardrobe styling sessions that might last for 2-3-4 hours or a shopping spree that also lasts for 2-3-4 hours. You can also have an online wardrobe at your fingers session to go online shopping together or bringing the overseas together she goes on seasonal trips & can cover you buying on your behalf the overseas brands you like. In the first service, you are styling your wardrobe together in the comfy of your home. However, in the second you are going to a shopping trip together. Moreover, Caro can design you the dress of your dreams which consists of 3 appointments: one to draw the design, the second to choose the fabric, the third is to recommend/meet the tailor.

And here is my Q&A with her, keeping a social distancing of-course doing this online for our safety.

1. Introduce yourself to us.

Life has taught me that balance is everything. I am a seeker of holistic living. I try to work smart & I always take a break whenever I need to. Spiritual, mental, and physical health are my 3 life pillars; this also explains why I do multiple things in life. I juggle between being a marketer & personal stylist day & night. 15 years ago I started modeling as a hobby & I still do it passionately. I always seek selective projects or small businesses that I love to support.

2. As a personal stylist, what are your key takeouts or advices to share with us?


  1. Always be YOU.

  2. Do not try to imitate someone's style, yet get inspired.

  3. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "Do I really pull this off or not?" If not please don't wear it.

  4. It's fine to have different styles - but you will always have something in common between them all.

  5. Don't be scared to get creative.

  6. And as I always say - OWN YOUR STYLE.

3. Following a plant-based diet, what the things you have learned & changed in your life.

I don't follow a plant-based diet, yet trying to cut off chicken until I find a super clean source that I trust blindly.

4. Which advices would you give to our followers who need to become content creators or podcasters?

That's a good point. Not all of us are meant to be content creators, because God has put a different talent in each one of us, so please don't just follow a trend. But if you are one and already have the talent, I advise you to be real to your social community (I hate the word followers) because this is a responsibilty and a big one. Be beneficial to them instead of showing off yourself (because this might make them feel imtimidated, and you don't wanna do that). Last but not least, do not overdo it.

5. As an online influencer or content creator, what do you do with the screen-time?

Oh I have a big problem with that, because my life is on that screen (even my grocery and fashion shopping now). But I do make it a point a lot of times to throw my phone away when I am siting with my family or friends.

6. In the current quarantine, what are you doing to invest in this time?

A lot of things,

  1. Trying to spend more time with God.

  2. I meditate & try to develop myself in the midst of all this.

  3. I am spending time with my parents & trying to entertain them.

  4. I am taking care of my health through working out & cooking my healthy meals.

  5. I deep clean my closet. I started with my summer-to-come closet and soon will be doing so too with my winter clothes and pack them in boxes as I am moving out with my hubby-to-be soon. On another note, if you want to donate any of your clothes, I have plenty of places to donate to.

  6. I unclutter my room - anything unnecesssary I throw out or planning to give it away to someone that might need it.

  7. I have time to do some beauty masks at home.

  8. Trying to be more active on social meida to benefit my communtiy, as I usually don't have plenty ot time to do so with my busy life/

  9. I read a lot about nutrition, sports, and marketing.

  10. I check pinterst a lot to stay inspired.

  11. I will start doing my plant-based milk finally.

7. Share with me the top 3 accounts to follow on IG from your point of view.

@Jesuscalling.daily (choose your own spiritual boost on social media)


8. What do you do to stay inspired for ideas to discuss with your followers?

I observe my life, and always ask myself if this might benefit my communtiy. Not bragging about how my life is inspiring lol but I mean that I discuss with them what I really do. I also ask them constantly what they wanna hear from me - customer need - marketing 101.

9. What are your advices/last words to the readers?

I know that most of us are locked down, and I am not trying to preach you here, but it really has so many positive things. The things that we miss in our crazy busy lives. Think deeply and find yourself, your real self.

  1. Enjoy the simple things in life.

  2. I encourage you to workout because it helps a lot.

  3. Do not count the days, just live and you will be surprised how a week goes by quickly.

  4. Be thankful because others don't have a home that we conseider as "boring".


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