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Your Mega Guide

This is a consolidation of the top 30 tips mentioned in the vlogs done by: Jeanine Amapola, Sam Brown, Michelle Crossan, Resse Regan, Hannah Ashton, Kalyn Nicholson, and Nika Erculj combined. Feel free to choose from them the most appropriate to you, and amend everything to match your very own lifestyle.

If you tried your best to follow those 30 tips, I am sure your life will be more happy, successful, and productive. Those 30 tips are not new, but this blog post is more of a reminder to try your best to follow it.

  1. Drink more water: It is advised to drink around 3 liters on daily basis. I do drink around 3-4 bottles and each bottle is 700 milliliters. 

  2. Wash your face and brush your teeth day and night: It helps you feel fresh starting and ending your day.

  3. Watch or read the news: To keep yourself up to date. I do get the updates via Facebook.

  4. Pray/meditate and worship everyday: I do this every night, before going to sleep I do sit for 10-15 minutes to reflect on the day and pray.

  5. Spend less time on your phone: This is really hard to maintain, but I do put my phone on "don't disturb" mode whenever I am working on something important and before going to sleep by an hour to relax.

  6. Watch a TED/TEDx talk: I love TED/TEDx, so this is my "escape" to find inspiration and motivation. Feel free to watch any other inspirational videos.

  7. Clean up your space: Keep your work space as clean/tidy as possible. This will help you focus more on the tasks in hand.

  8. Spread motivational quotes around: I do find inspiration in famous quotes, so you will find me spreading inspirational quotes all around me. I write them in my agenda/journal/desk.

  9. Journal/write daily: I do my best to keep track of writing something on daily basis.

  10. Learn something new everyday: Just to make your day counts, reflect on your learnings every night.

  11. Think positive: I am so strict in keeping a positive mind in every step I do take in life.

  12. Be consistent in going to bed early and wake up early

  13. Be patient and don't be hard on yourself

  14. Keep a planner/to-do list with Yearly/Monthly/Weekly views

  15. Read 10 pages per day (or finish one book per month)

  16. Think/write 3 things that you are grateful for

  17. Prioritize 2-3 tasks to be done daily

  18. Stick to your plan, to reach your goals

  19. Take breaks: this should be more often, every 60 minutes of work on the laptop should have 10 minutes of walking around or stretching

  20. Do your least favorite tasks first: personally I do this always, as yes this will save you the worry, stress and procrastination

  21. Set a time at night to stop working: usually I stop anything related to work at 7:00PM and relax for around 3 hours before sleeping

  22. Have "ME" time everyday and pamper yourself: I usually spend this time reflecting on the day

  23. Go to bed and wake up early with minimum of 7 sleeping hours

  24. Love to learn

  25. Work in alignment with your energy and plan accordingly

  26. Don't get distracted by other people around you

  27. Take full responsibility of your life

  28. Speak clearly and confidently

  29. Listen more to learn more

  30. Be persistent and work hard



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