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Work-Life balance Interview #2

Today I am resuming the 3 hit questions interview about millennials in the workplace. What makes you feel accomplished? How do you balance between your career & personal life? What have you learned so far, and want to share with the fellow millennials?

What makes you feel accomplished?

Aya Ragheb: Helping people through my work! For me this makes me feel accomplished. Recently, I have been working with a lot of professional athletes and seeing how working together enhances their performance is a magnificent feeling. Specially if they are representing Egypt in a national team or individually globally.

Amr Hussein: When I achieve a goal that creates real value in my own way. By the way "goal", "value", and "my own way" are all at the same importance level.

Takwa Messawi: Achieving a goal that I always dreamt of, planned for, and worked on. Most of the times, those types of goals are usually being criticized by so many people around me, but I never bother, I always want what I want and I earn it. That's genuine accomplishment for me.

Sarah Fahmy: Good feedback.

How do you balance between your career & personal life?

Aya Ragheb: Balancing can be hard, but to sum it up I've learned that everything has a time. organize my day and week accordingly. At the timed of work, I am 100% committed and giving it all, but on my day off or non-working hours, I try as much as I can to develop different parts of myself and socialize, bond with my family and friends, and work on other personal goals and dreams.

Amr Hussein: I never did yet. So the tactic I use is to breakdown both sides into smaller pieces; measure their impact and priority at the current time. Then, start with pieces of higher impact and priority.

Takwa Messawi: I work hard, I never settle for being just an employee among so many. This competitive character gives me hard times, sometimes very few hours of sleep, but I usually do this for a certain period of time, when I have a goal ahead till I achieve it, then relax a bit and set another goal. To balance this cycle, I have a daily, weekly, yearly treats, On daily basis, I end any exhausting day by staying with my family in the evenings to watch a movie or have dinner. On weekly basis, I go for musical concerts, pole dancing, or even doing nothing but chilling and reading. On yearly basis, I plan a good long trip to recharge my energy.

Sarah Fahmy: Time management.

What have you learned so far, and want to share with the fellow millennials?

Aya Ragheb: I learned a lot that I believe I changed drastically over the past few years. But here are some of the things I would want to share that are worth a lot.

  1. Find your passion and follow it. No matter what!

  2. Be organized! Put a goal, vision, plan and work for it one step at a time!

  3. Trust the process, no one was born successful!

  4. Surround yourself with positive people and shut down any negativity.

  5. Accept criticism, but don't let it break you. But rather build you!

  6. Trust your gut!

Amr Hussein: I want to share the top 4 learnings.

  1. Be conservative consuming mental energy.

  2. Never act when you are emotional.

  3. Do more risk.

  4. Stay happy and smile.

Takwa Messawi: I learned by breaking all my limits and boundaries, I learned through failures, I learned through good relations. My advice would be:

  1. To get out of your comfort zone.

  2. To embrace your failures proudly.

  3. To maintain good relations.

  4. To always show personal interest.

Sarah Fahmy: Put yourself first before anything else. Your health and well-being are the most important things.


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