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Quarantine DeepDive

During the quarantine it is a good time to dive deep in a journey to discover & heal yourself. So, during one of my TEDx GUC event, the giveaway was a pocket notebook with questions to “deep dive in yourself”. So, who knows me really well knows how much I love blank notebooks & clean books. So, I will introduce you to the booklet here & in the upcoming days I will reply to one question at a time here. Better exposing myself & my answers than writing in the booklet. Believe it or not?

So, this book is designed to help you understand yourself a bit better & become more self aware! You need to answer these questions truthfully & honestly. Not by how you wish or how you should. There’s nobody around to judge you (not in my case); this is all about your own growth.

  1. How do I respond to situations that I have no control over?

  2. How do I deal with negativity in my environment? (Confront it & try to change it, Accept it & let it affect me, Completely ignore it, Other)

  3. How do I deal with change (new lifestyle, new people, ... etc) do I tend to avoid it or welcome it of fear it? And sketch your feelings.

  4. How do I respond to situations that force me to get out of my comfort zone?

  5. How do I deal with rejection?

  6. How do I deal with being misperceived or misunderstood? (I panic get anxious over what they think of me, not address it or ignore it, feel angry, try to correct them showing them they’re mistaken, other)

  7. How do I deal with emotional pain?

  8. How do I respond when I make a mistake or when I fail at something?

  9. How do I spend my free time?

  10. How do I deal with the violence, hate, and suffering in the world?

  11. How do I recharge, rejuvenate, and replenish my energy?

  12. How much do I prioritize spending time & energy on myself & on my passions?

  13. Express what you are thinking?

The booklet as well is full if empty pages to express yourself even more. At some point, we have all been a Pluto; a resilient planet clawing its way back into the solar society, a controversial planet that’s yet to be defined. An almost something. Inside every one of us Pluto is present; an outsider with his own unique quirks that needs an outlet to pursue his passions & grow into something more.

A bench on Pluto resembles a place where you would tailor it in your own way & share new thoughts at. Some place where you’d connect with someone, share your thoughts or just enjoy listening to fresh ones. Pluto can be anything we have yet to discover. We’re giving you the chance to imagine your own Pluto: write it down, sketch it, or even paint it. Keep this with you as a reminder of your idea of a safe thinking space when in need.



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