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Axis you passion

During She Can event I have witnessed the panel by Tamer El Mahrouky, Malak Shouman a food blogger and sustainable designer, Amal El Shehaby and Farah Emara the founders of Nesaa.

Malak designs sustainable supermarket bags that replace the one-use plastic bags since December 2022 for sustainability. And her main challenge is facing the daily market challenges.

Amal & Farah the founders of Nesaa, Farah shifted from fashion blogging to having a clothing business while dealing with the demand & supply aspects; the brand started for hijab headpieces and hijab clothes when Farah collaborated with Amal creating modest clothes for hijabis and non-hijabis as well.

As for the typical day-to-day tasks are always not as clear as the business idea itself; how to get clarity is through planning the timeline ahead of the projects and production, defining your role or which hat will you wear for the day and put the top priority is to achieve the top daily tasks. Split the plan into two chunks one is answering the "why" and planning for the future plan and the second chunk is to market your product or services. Finally the plan should always have a room for improvisation.

Content creation is always a key marketing activity; the creative juice has its ups & downs. So, always have a note to compile all of the ideas when the creativity is low or you are drained from all other activities. And always remember that no idea is a bad idea.

The final tips & tricks of owning a business; follow your gut, always keep trying, invest in yourself, invest in your ideas; network and actively listen to others to keep learning, ideas have zero value actions have all of the value, always listen to your energy levels and take breaks whenever needed to satisfy your demands, don’t be afraid to ask for help, always enjoy what you are doing, and daily overcome the depletion of energy by remembering your "why".



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